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Technology Platforms


Technological platforms have brought about  innovation in research policies. They encompass  all the  stakeholders in a strategic sector or  a particular field, usually research centers, regional and national public authorities, financial institutions, with industry being the  driving force.

Through the promotion of public-private partnerships, the technological platforms may define technological and research priorities needed in this sector at  the medium- and  long- term, and coordinate public and private investment in R & D.
At the European level, the first technology platform was established in Aeronautics in 2001. Currently there are 22 platforms comprising other sectors such as hydrogen, nanoelectronics, innovative medicines, steel and textiles.
These technology platforms contribute significantly to the development of the ERA.
Biotechnologies Platform BIOTECSUR: This is the only platform in the region created to establish a common long-term vision for the development and application of new technologies in the MERCOSUR.
 Technology Platform Latin America-Argentina FIRST: Implementing cooperation on Future Internet and  ICT  Components between Europe and Latin America.